German Hunting Terrier

German hunting terrier

German Hunting Terrier (Deutscher Jagdterrier) has become a popular breed thanks to his loyalty, determination and desire to hunt. There is probably no dog that is so versatile when it comes to help in the hunt. Although young breed of dogs, German Hunting Terrier is succeeded to standardize by strict selection to the extent that now,. On shows, shades decide between which one jagdterrier is better or more beautiful.

The breed was created and the standard is registered in Germany, the main idea when choosing a dog is it to create a good assistant to the hunt, on earth and underground. Name terrier becomes from the Latin word terra, meaning ground. All today's terriers trace their origins from dogs that were used for hunting wild animals underground. And within German Hunting Terrier this feature remained unchanged to this day, and thanks to the selection so it will remain.

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