Welcome to the website of  the German Hunting Terrier, German Shorthaired Pointer dog kennel named «From the Suvaks».

Back in the 1980’s  I got my first German Hunting Terrier, female, named Lajka. As a boy, I spent all my spare time socializing with my pet, so in those years I grew to love that breed of hunting dogs.
Over the years socializing with German Hunting Terriers and hunters I’ve decided to become a hunter myself. So, in my less than twenty-one, I became hunter and get a stronger blood lined terriers. One of my strongest dogs was female Dona, who I got as a gift in1993 from Mrs. Franjo Djurinic from Novi Glog. That female was a beauty and work champion, so since then starts my serious work with German Hunting Terriers.
As a passionate hunter in the H.S. Podravlje Gradina, parallel with German Hunting Terriers I got German Shorthaired Pointer from my good friend Zoric Predrag, who trains dogs with me and perfects them for hunting only.
I’ve always had perfect hunting dogs, who were passionate helpers for a hunter, for small game so as for wild boars hunting and hunting foxes, badgers and other mammals that live underground. Getting different experience in hunting and dog kennel field, I realize that German Hunting Terrier is not a sanguinary dog, but is the greatest versatile dog. In early 2000 I made big investments in the strongest lines of German versatile dogs.
As the days go by, the dog kennel itself has more quality line dogs, terriers just as pointers.
I project my hunting seriousness to my son Antonio, who has strong will for pointers, so he is focused on pointers training.
And so today the dog kennel «From the Suvaks», with father and son, two hunters and cynologers, is proud of its dogs, their work an exterior, with a wish to breed as better descendants as possible of today’s dogs and place them to true hunters who really take care of their best helpers in hunt.




We are located in Gradina next to Vitrovica, our kennel was found in 1995 and we are registered under FCI 100/95.
We have been doing breeding for already 15 years with purpose of breeding and training as better as we can an exterior and work-hunting versatile dog
Predrag Šuvak
Matije Gupca 26, Gradina 33 411
+385 (0) 33 800 884 phone
+385 (0) 98 271 339 - Predrag (terriers)
+385 (0) 98 288 727 - Antonio (pointers)