Manchester terrier

Manchester Terrier is breed that looks a lot like a Miniature Pinscher or a Doberman Pinscher. However, when he shows his real nature, we can fianlly see the differnce between mentioned dogs and Manchester Terrier.

Among others terriers, the Manchester is known to be well-mannered and adaptable breed. He is an excellent companion who can adapt to life with all of family members.  Manchester Terrier is a loyal friend and a remarkable watchdog. He is a high-spirited, intelligent, and cunning dog, eager to learn something new.

manchester terriers

In the United States and Canada, there are two varieties of the Manchester Terrier — the Toy and the Standard. In England, however, they are classified as different breeds: one as the Manchester Terrier and the other one as the English Toy Terrier.


Manchester Terrier was created by the need to control the number of rats that were a problem in England during the first decade of the 19th century. Thanks to this, this breed  became the oldest known terrier breed.

When the problem with rats was solved, they began using them as helpers in hunting. They were carried in a specially designed leather pouches that hung from the rider's belt and were released only when they would reach thickets where other dogs could not penetrate. Because of that the breed was nicknamed the "gentleman's terrier".

In England two sizes were divided to two different terrier breeds – the Manchester Terrier and the English Toy Terrier. In the United States, however, it stayed the same breed but with two varieties: standard and toy.


Manchester Terrier body is smooth, compact and muscular. The head is tight skinned, narrow and long. When the ears are kept natural, they are V-shaped, semi-erect. In the Toy variety, the ears are usually naturally erect. The nose is black. The eyes are dark and small, nearly black and almond-shaped. The teeth have to form a scissors or level bite. Coat has to be smooth, short and shiny, of solid texture. Manchester Terrier is in a group of black and tan dog breeds.

American Kenel Club:

Toy: Height 10 - 12 inches (25 - 30 cm)
Toy: Weight 6 - 8 pounds (2.5 - 3.5 kg)  In the United States and Canada the maximum weight is 12 pounds (5 kg).
Standard: Height 15 - 16 inches (39 - 40 cm)
Standard: Average Weight Males 18 pounds (8 kg), Females 17 pounds (7.7 kg)

FCI ( Fédération Cynologique Internationale ):

Ideal Height at the withers: Males 41 cm ; Females 38 cm

Manchester terrier temperament

Manchester Terrier is agile, vigilant, playful and sometimes impulsive. He is an extremely loyal dog, eager to spend time with his owner. In order to develop a stable temperament, he needs early socialization. Gets along well with children, especially the ones with whom he had grown up. In that case, he is more gentle and considerate.

He is wary of the strangers, likes to bark and be noisy which makes him an effective watchdog. Gets along well with other dogs.
Manchester Terrier breeders are constantly working to preserve desirable traits and to exclude the bad traits with the planned selection of dogs.

Manchester Terrier is close to the whole family, but has a tendency to be more loyal to only one person. Although, this breed likes to play and exercise, they also really enjoy peace, comfort and resting in a comfortable place.

Care and grooming

Because this breed has clean and short coat, Manchester Terrier is an easy to care dog.
Bathe him approximately every three months, or sooner if he gets dirty. Trim the nails if needed.

Get your Manchester used to grooming at the very young age, it will make the job a lot easier when he grows up. Manchester terrier temperament  is much easier to become accustomed to such situations while the dog is young