Fox Terrier Smooth


The Smooth Fox Terriers appeared as a breed in England in the 18th century. First documented evidence of this breed was in 1790, when a Colonel Thornton painted an image of his dog.

Breeders had a belief for a long time that the Smooth Fox Terrier and Wire Fox Terrier were the variants of the same breed. Increasing number of experts in the past decade have had the opinion that the two breeds are not completely identical. Wire Fox Terrier is possibly direct descendant of the Rough Black and Tan Terrier of Wales, the Smooth Fox Terrier has an origin in the Smooth Black and Tan Terrier as its principal progenitors, with the traces of Beagle and Bull Terrier.


smooth coated fox terrier

The smooth fox terrier is medium size and square-proportioned. The skull is flat, a little narrowing to the eyes. The muzzle diminishes gradually to the black nose. The stop between skull and muzzle is slight. Ears are V-shaped and they drop forward close to the cheeks and are small. The legs should be straight.

The flat, smooth coat should be thick and abundant, with a short, fine undercoat. The coat has a colour that is predominately white with brown or black patches.

Temperament fox terijera smooth haired

Fox terrier smooth is cautious, active and lively and particularly friendly. Smooth Fox Terrier gives the impression of a dog ready to go anywhere, even if it is difficult. This breed is brave but not aggressive and quarrelsome towards the people. They are affectionate with children, but may be too active for some children.

art Fox Terrier Smooth Coat

This terrier breed needs outdoor activity to consume their energy the right way. Although occasionally used for hunting now, Smooth Fox Terrier retains a strong need for bending small game and to delve into the situation tirelessly to feel small animal under the ground.


Grooming of the Smooth fox terrier is relatively easy. A rubber grooming glove or brush used twice a week will eliminate any dead and loose hair from the coat. If the coat gets wet or dirty it does not take long to dry. When it is dry, it is easier to do the cleaning. Check the ears periodically for signs of infection or irritation.