Brazilian Terrier (fox paulistinha)

Brazilian Terrier ( FCI 341 ), originally named Terrier Brasileiro. They are still known as Fox Paulistinha. That is a breeds of small terrier from Brazil and we can describe them as active, intelligent and ready for action.


Jack Russell Terriers were brougt from Europe to Brazil  by settlers who arrived in the 19th century. Jack Russell Terriers in Brasil were crossed with Miniature Pinscher and large Chihuahuas, to give a breed that was nice for keeping in the courtyard and as an aid when hunting of small game.


Brazilian Terrier dog

Brazilian Terrier are always white with black, brown or blue markings. Brazilian Terrier  stands between 13-16 in (35.5-40.5 cm) at the withers. Their weight varies between  15 - 20 pounds (7 - 9 kg).

Viewed from above head is triangular, broad at the base. The body is square with clearly curved lines and not too heavy, well balanced.  Hair is short, smooth, fine without being soft.


Brazilian Terrier with puppies

Temperament is such that they are always alert and ready for action, they are intelligent breeds of dogs. They are friendly with children, but certainly  be provoke.

Brazilian Terrier are easy to train, but the a challeng is to teach them to control their own instincts for hunt. They loves playing and that helps during training.


Since Brazilian Terrier have a short-haired fur they are easy to groom. Grooming them once weekly enough. Regular brushing and occasional bathing are sufficient methods of upkeeping this breed.

Small apartments or spaces are not good for this type of dog, because Brazilian Terriers are active, the average size yard is preferred. Lifespan for the Brazilian terrier’s is average between 12 – 14 years.

Brazilian Terrier puppies

Brazilian Terrier young dogs

Brazilian terrier up to twelfth week of life the Brazilian Terrier puppies should have four meals a day, and after that until the sixth month should have three meals. Come to exceed two meals when the puppies have between six and twelve months. Brazilian Terriers older than one year should have one meal a day, with the proviso that if they have some days more physical activity is better divided into two meals.