Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier belongs to group of large and medium sized terriers, FCI standard number of this breed is 7. Airedale Terrier originate from Great Britain.

The Airedale Terrier is also knows as "King Terrier" because Airedale is the largest of all terriers.

History of Airedale Terrier

image  od airedale terrier

“Airedale” comes from the name of the river Aire and it is the name of the valley situated around the river. The name of the valley was used as the name of the breed. In the mid-19th Century, by cross breed of the old black rough-coated English terrier and Tan Terrier (Welsh Terrier) with the Otterhound the Airedale Terrier was created. In 1886, the Kennel Club of England formally acknowledged the Airedale Terrier breed.

Description of Airedale Terrier

It is the largest terrier breed, with characteristic square proportion. Skull on these terriers is approximately the same length as the muzzle, and the transition between them is slight. The colour of the nose at the Airedale terrier is black. The eyes should be dark colour and small.

Airedale terrier have a double coat with hard straight coat above a soft furry short undercoat. When we talk about Airedale Terrier, the coat is commonly stripped to insure that it retains its rough texture, colour and does not become soft.

Temperament of Airedale Terrier

image of airedales dog and puppys
Airedales terriers are dogs who play roughly, and in addition, they are the large breed. While playing they can easily hurt a child, by accident. Families with children rarely have the time to adequately devote themselves to training of young Airedale terrier.

Maintenance of Airedale Terrier

Instructions for the home grooming Airedale Terrier

image of airedale terrier pups

Airedale need to be groomed on a regular basis. This basic care is brushing at least twice a week to remove dead hair and the undercoat. Ears of Airedales terrier need monthly attendance. The Airedale terrier often bath in a simple way if it was out in the open, or it went hunting with the owner. Its simple wash only serves to remove dirt and grime.

It is necessary to wash and completely dry Airedale Terrier before you begin clipping. If the dog is preparing for the show, it is best to engage an expert who is well acquainted with the grooming by the Airedale terrier standards. Airedale terrier grooming seems as a very demanding job, but if it is regularly maintained there should not be any problems.