Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terriers have appearance that can be described as a small greyhound or a lamb, while occasionally there are comments that this is not a very pretty dog breed. Such approach is unfounded, since this breed of dog developed as a miners’ helper, to clean the mines from pests such as rats.


Bedlington Terrier originated from North East England and this dog breed is named by the town of Bedlington. These terrier in the early records had various names, such as: "Rothbury's Lambs", Rodbury Terriers, Rothbury Terriers and these trademarks derived from the surname of a nobleman (Lord of Rothbury) who appreciated highly this race.

Joseph Ainsley was the first who use the name Bedlington Terrier, in Bedlington there was the first show for this breed of dogs in 1870. The Bedlington Terrier Club was established in 1875.


Bedlington Terrier have a look like a little lamb. Its characteristic is that the puppies have a dark grey colour that becomes lighter as they grow. Older dogs may have a liver colours, blue,  blue and tan, liver and tan, sandy, sandy and tan. 

Bedlington Terriers breed
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The head must be round in shape without visible crossing between the skull and the muzzle. Both male and female dogs have to weigh between 7.7 and 10.4 kg (17 and 23 pounds). Although 42 cm (16.5 inches) is the preferred height for male dogs, a range from 16 to 41 to 44 cm (17.5 inches) is allowed; for females, the preferred height is 39 cm (15.5 inches) and the acceptable range is from 38 to 42 cm (15 to 16.5 inches).

Temperament of Bedlington Terrier

This breeds is cautious, energetic and intelligent, it is a good companion and protector. Bedlington terrier breeders have recognized all the qualities of the breed and for that reason, it is recommended to persons who are expecting such characteristics in a pet.

He can be intrusive toward other dogs from time to time and will probably chase small furry animals outdoors, but they can generally get along, without much trouble, with other indoor pets.


Bedlington Terriers, prepared for a show, cannot have a coat that stands out more than 2.5 cm (1 inch) from their body. Bedlington Terriers grooming has to be done regularly, in this way the best coat quality is preserved.

Bedlington Terriers puppies

Bedlington Terriers puppies

Choose the balanced puppy, do not use the one which attacks others in the litter or the one hiding in the some corner.